Two floors and two terraces overlooking some of the most beautiful views of the Capital for a truly unique experience.

The second floor features a long cocktail and sushi counter with tables that are a mix of fusions of materials used, an interplay of glimpses and transparencies between tradition and design (Venetian bricole woods joined with resin); walls decorated with graphic prints, carved wood panels, and suggestive plays of light on the ceiling and on the stairs leading to the second floor.

At the center of the reredos, with an even more privileged view than the first, is the Moon, the suspended central lamp handmade from Japanese paper that gives everyone the thrill of being able to touch “the moon with a finger.”

Around its light, a more intimate and refined environment is revealed with only 4 tables that can join and become a single table if needed and outside another rooftop overlooking the eternal beauty of Rome.